Time seems to have slipped away yet again! I apologise. School has been rather busy lately but is not fully to blame, in all honesty. I have been indulging in many afternoon naps, parties and being lazy. I'll try to improve, I promise!
On a cheery note, I won the auction for the BTSSB cardigan! I'm so happy that I won because it is one of my dream cardigans! I was so lucky that it was so cheap and in a colourway I can easily coordinate (:

I love the details n__n I've always adored the cute dangly strawberries that have been emerging on lolita items lately! Oh how I'd like the sheep garden bag by AP to go with this!

I also purchased myself a sheer polka dot blouse to wear during the hotter days (: I thought it would be very handy for when I want to keep frilly in the summer!

Thanks for reading, sticking around and putting up with my slackness :p ♥