The hiatus comes to an end!

I'm back! I had personal issues and exams to deal with in the past couple of weeks but I've done my exams and I'm feeling better so I shall start posting again (:
My early birthday present arrived a few days ago! These shoes are sooo nice. They're a size 26, like my white ones but fit a tiiiiiny bit smaller unfortunately.. they still fit comfortably though!

The shipping cost about the same as the shoes and even my parents are over the EMS shipping and it's ridiculousness! These are actually my first lolita items that I have never paid for myself and I'm very grateful I get such cute birthday gifts this year :3

These shoes have really nice detail and are super adorable! Ask any questions you have about them if you feel the need

^worn shot! I like how this picture turned out all hazy because of the sun haha.

I also recently got these tights! I saw them and thought they would go perfectly with a jsk I'm currently waiting for ;)

This cute sweater has also made it's way into my closet! The colours are much sweeter in real life and it's a nice addition to my little fairy kei bits and pieces. At the moment I also have my eye on a BTSSB cardigan (which is also one of my dream cardigans) on trademe ~ wish me luck, I hope I get it!

Thanks for reading ♥