Petit Pâtisserie

I rarely talk about brand releases on this blog but I really couldn't help it with the latest from AP. I couldn't resist because something caught my eye.. and not for a very good reason!
This series is called Petit Pâtisserie and not yet available, as far as I know? I think this series is very cute! Very different for Angelic Pretty and almost remniscent of Emily Temple Cute. I love everthing... except for that OP!
I just don't get it! It is so often stressed that Lolita is about the bell shaped, petti-filled silhouette and that's the shape I love to see. I thought baby-doll dresses were pushing the boundaries, in a way. But this just looks like a sack! The only thing I like about it is that you can see the print properly. Oh jesus, I just find it terrible! The jumperskirts, skirt and even socks look super cute but that one piece is crazy. It'd be interesting to see it coordinated.. it would certainly be a challenge, I think. Perhaps a pretty belt around the waist? I'm unsure if that would even improve it, haha. It's strange but pretty cool that Lolita is slowly becoming more and more diverse and it's interesting to see the designers coming up with unique pieces. The pink jsk pictured below is really adorable - if it's in my size I can see it appearing on my wishlist!

What do you think of this series? Do you like the OP or not so much? Thanks for reading ♥


  1. the JSK was very cute but I didn't like the OP either:)

  2. I'll have to agree with you! It's just not a very flattering shape imo... kind of reminds me of a muumuu ;~; My first thought was also "well, maybe with a belt..." haha! Otherwise, the print is really cute! Thank goodness it's not the only option.

  3. The OP might be the least flattering thing I've ever seen xD! The print looks cute though! I miss AP's pastel vomit pieces, but with fall coming up I guess they're going back to neutrals and whatnot ;v;.