Day 23 – A picture of your handwriting... and stuff!

I'm not sure how this relates to lolita, but oh well! I don't like my hand writing too much, it's pretty boring! I like my print best though, it's easy to read :3 I think that having crap linked hand writing makes me appreciate a display of beautifully linked words!
Yesterday I stocked up on a bit more lace, some wee bows and a little fabric! By selection of laces is looking much less full today.. I made some bows for selling~ because I found head bands! I couldn't find any and that has been my reason for not selling sooner. I also got some colourful hair ties to attatch mini bows to.

(sorry for the blurry pictures, it's so dull this time of year - awful lighting for photos) Here's my current selection of bows for sale! Only 6, but that's all the head bands I have at the moment. I tried out a head band to make sure they do the job and they really do - they're stable but don't hurt your head! Here's a couple I made today, that I quite like:

I like making up names for them, heh. I'm not sure what to call this one^ ideas? ^Sugar Galaxy (: I'm thinking of adding a pom pom to dangle on the edge of this.

Thanks for reading and sorry aboout the crap posts lately, school is keeping me busy! I hope you are all well! ♥


  1. you actually had a very nice handwriting I like your bows! Very classy and cute:D Aren't the lace expensive, Where I live nice lace is TOO expensive to buy a lot of :(

  2. Thank you!
    That's a shame, it's not too bad here thankfully.. though it adds up when I use about 1 meter per bow XD