Current inspiration!

Over time I save pictures to a folder on my computer of things I find inspiring or cute! I think I should collect a few and put them into posts to share with everyone (: ^Casual cute dresses are so adorable! These ones are floaty and confortable looking, I think they'd be great for summer - no petti coats or tight fitting areas to be seen (:

Everything mori/ dolly kei/ cult party etc. I love this picture above, it has many lovely elements to it. I love the flower halo, hair style, pretty top, bracelet, gloves and the general forest princess look!

Lolita shrines are awesome! I love seeing pictures on walls surrounded by cute decorations.

Knits! Above and below are darling examples of cute knitted items. Very colourful pastels look so sweet together ~ I love them on knits because it makes me think that winter doesn't have to be so bad c:

Under skirts are lovely! Zeruda from hates wearing short skirts, so she layers longer skirts with shorter skirts or wears under skirts for extra length. She hand made the one pictured above, she did an amazing job o: All the layers would be great for winter too!
I hope you all enjoyed my inspiration and get your own inspiration from it! ♥


  1. So much cute *O*
    I wanna try and make the top pic one day...>saves photo< If I am bothered enough > <

  2. I'm a big fan of Zeruda too! Her style is SO cute! but what skould I say, everything in your todays post is kawaii! :D