Hi there followers~

Remember when I wasn't sure what I'd to with that pom pom trim? Well, I did something with it :D I made some casual wrist cuffs. Lots of wrist cuffs are super frilly, lacey and OTT but I didn't have enough lace for anything like that, so hence why I call them casual wrist cuffs heh. They're a lot cuter in real life :3

I don't think I mentioned that I'm dating Sebastian Michaelis...? Haha, my boyfriend cosplays Sebastian and it's pretty cool! He likes dressing fancy (: ~unflattering angle central~

Here's a better look at my experimental hair style, it's pretty crazy but I don't mind it! I'm feeling pretty excited right now, Armageddon Expo is next weekend! I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be sure to charge up my camera batteries and take as many pictures as possible for you all (: Have a happy day ♥


  1. That hairstyle is actually really cute! I like your "casual" wristcuffs, too :)

  2. SO cute!! Loved your hairstyle and your dress! And you and your boyfriend looked really cute together ;)