Bows bows bows~

These are the styles of bows I make! I think I’d like to sell some in the near future. If there is enough international interest I’d sell them on ebay (: I also think that I’d like to make each bow (and bow set) unique - that way it’s more fun for me to make and it’s pretty cool having something that’s one of a kind.
Each ‘alice bow’ would include a head band and the twin set mini bows would come with a hair clip attatched to each one. If you’d like to see what sizes they’re made in, here are some pictures of me wearing mine: mini bow and alice bow
Questions: Are you interested? and, how much would you pay for each?

ps. something weird has been going on with my blogger account lately and I can't seem to reply to comments on my own posts or even comment on other people's posts -__- so apologies for not replying to your lovely comments.


  1. you are so crafty! i am jealous.

  2. So beautiful! I make bows myself too and it's so fun, to wear homemade acceossries:D

  3. There are so super cute <3<3<3
    I would definitely buy some of them