Day 9 – 10 things you will never do in lolita.

1) The obvious ones of course; wrestle, fight, roll in mud etc etc.

2) Go to a drinking party - drinks always end up spilt everywhere! I'd hate a raspberry & vodka stain on my lolita clothing.

3) Play sports - such as football or rugby. Possible stains and rips are a no-no!

4) Wear a skirt/ dress that is too short for my standards - a skirt half way up my thys is not very lolita to me!

5) Have sex. This one should really go without saying.. so much could go wrong!

6) Cook - I have baked very carefully once in lolita and it was scary XD imagine oil splatter or a tomatoe sauce on your outfit.. no thank you!

7) Go out at night alone - not that I would do this out of lolita anyway, but it would be a dangerous activity. (well, certainly where I live. Abuse from [drunk] people would be unavoidable at any time of day)

8) Paint - some paints and other art products can stain SO BADLY.

9) Go petti-less - it can't be lolita without the petticoat! (for my dresses)

10) Wear no make up and have un-styled hair - I just couldn't do it! It wouldn't feel right with lolita.

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