Why replicas are never as good as brand

How many times have we heard "just as good as brand!" all over reviews... too many! This post is to show you why replicas are never as good as brand. I will make little points about each thing but I challenge you to notice the differences between the original and the fake! I know that many replicas now are better quality than the one I have, but they are still never as good as brand of course. I'm comparing Milky Chan by Angelic Pretty and Wonder Cookie Replica by Dream of Lolita.

^The lace - one of the things I love most about AP. I don't need to say much about the differences here!

^Waist bows. DoL one is detatchable and APs one is sewn on.

^The backs.

^The built in pettis.

^The lining. AP is fully (and beautifully) lined, DoL is only lined on the skirt where it has the built in petti.

^The construction.

^The waist ties. APs is detatchable and DoLs is sewn on. AP also uses lovely detail like the silk bow and lace edging - DoL did pretty well with the heart shaped end.

^The print. This is the best part of my replica, compared to the original, the print is very good.

I also have to mention the fabric is very different! DoL used thin cotton and AP used Burberry fabric - in some pictures you can see the difference between the fabrics if you click for a larger view.

When choosing between replicas and originals it's kind of Quality VS Quantity. If you want high quality, long lasting clothing then go for brand. If you want lots of dresses that you probably won't wear very often then go for replicas if you wish. This is purely asthetics of repicas vs original - I really don't care to go into the morals and such of art work theft etc. Thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful!


  1. I agree that brand is always better than replicas. The newer DOL replicas are pretty good though; my SC replica one piece is fully lined which was surprising! I think AP material just feels better and also, the lace, seriously AP lace is so cute <3

    This was really helpful, thanks for making this! I love reading comparison reviews ^^

  2. oooh yes, I've heard great things about the SC replica!
    Agreed (:
    No problem! I'm really glad you enjoyed it :D

  3. great idea, i love brand but i always ask myself if it's worth it, I live in Argentina, and for girls from here it's too difficult to buy brand, and that's why they go for replicas. I've seen that the replicas are better each day, and i most say that Angelic Pretty, for some reason, it's declining the quality.