Casual outfit

Today I wore a super casual coordinate! My favourite kind (: so comfortable but still pretty. I wore my hair in a bun for the first time ever with lolita - this is usually how I wear my hair to school or on lazy days. I liked it! I liked that it felt simple and casual but still nice and kind of elegant. Sometimes curling my hair and extensions is just too much effort for a day at home :p
It's late autumn here in New Zealand but it already feels like winter - time to whip out the thick bloomers, tights under socks, long sleeves, mittens, coats and scarves! Today wasn't too bad thankfully, so I took the opportunity to wear this outfit. My fur collar is suprisingly cosy :3
^a make up shot (just the usual stuff)

OP: Bodyline

Socks: Angelic Pretty

Fur collar: thrifted

Hair bow: Hand made

Necklace: My Little Pony