Small Bodyline review and other things (:

I tried out a new hairstyle a few days ago (: I liked the way it turned out and I think I'll definitely wear it like this again! I might also do a video tutorial for it if anyone is interested? It's easier than it looks, trust me!
The day I tried the new hairstyle was quite warm so I wore a short sleeved coordinate n__n just the ol' milky chan one. This time I added a Charmmy Kitty necklace and Hello Kitty nails to match! You may have to click the image to see the Hello Kitties properly.

I bought this long sleeved off-white blouse! I was originally going to buy pink shoes but I decided that I needed a long sleeved blouse more than pink shoes.. it's getting so cold here!
I love this blouse! It looks sooooo much more beautiful than advertised on the site o: It's really beautiful. I love that they used cotton lace and ruffles down the front. Around the neck there are ruffles on the edging and some lovely embroidered lace around the collar. This was also a good buy in regards to knowledge - I need a TLL in blouses for them to fit the length of my arms! My detatchable sleeved pink blouse from Bodyline is a size M and fits everywhere except the arms >_> I can't wait to snuggle up in this pretty thing! 5/5

^blouse detail

Super cute lilac pannier! This is so adorable (: I was worried it would be a bit too tight for me because the site said it stretches up to 90cm and my hips are a wee bit bigger than that, but it fits fine! The stars make it really awesome and they feel so soft and felty. I don't think this would be great as a petticoat, but it's lovely as a skirt! Expect outfits including this soon n__n 5/5

^pannier detail Tea party bag! I always loved the print on the dress version of this, but I thought that black and pink were too contrasting for my tastes ~ now I'm reconsidering. It's just sooo pretty! I'm going to take time to think about buying the dress or skirt for now, but it's pretty tempting with such a fantastic print! I wish Bodyline executed it a bit better, maybe with just block colours or colour combinations that don't contrast so much. This bag will also help when working some black into my outfits! Bodyline totes are super cute but the straps aren't the strongest, though they do the job. 4.5/5 ^print detail

I hope everyone had a great easter! (sorry about the lateness heh) Thanks for reading c:


  1. Please post a video tutorial if you can! That hairstyle looks really cute :D I also like your lilac skirt, the stars are a nice touch~

  2. I will do that one day (:
    Thanks you, I thought so too!