10 tips to sewing your own lolita clothing!

1) You WILL need (at the least) basic sewing skills. I do not recommend making a lolita dress your first sewing project! To put it bluntly ~ you will most likely crash and burn.
2) If you have an appropriate pattern STICK TO IT! If you need to alter the pattern, figure it out before you start sewing - if you can't alter it yourself then take it to someone who can. I admit that altering patterns is tricky and I only do small alterations myself.
3) You WILL need a sewing machine. Hand sewing won't cut it and it will take forever!
4) Choose your materials wisely - if you are making a lolita dress then do not buy satin, raschel lace, stretch fabric etc. Don't be cheap when it comes to fabric and lace - or you will end up with a cheap dress and it will show! Also keep in mind how the fabric will wash, sew, sit etc.
5) PRACTICE. And practice lots. Practice gathering, sewing a straight line, putting in shirring, putting in zips, hemming, basting, measuring etc.
6) Ask for help if you need it! If it's a seamstress, a friend, your sewing teacher at school or your mum ~ ask if you need help because you could ruin your whole project doing something wrong. My mum often puts in zips for me because I always seem to make something go wrong lol.
7) Research anything you don't know how to do! I actually learnt how to gather from a youtube tutorial o: You could also check out sewing sites, books or ask someone knowledgable.
8) Read the pattern!! If it says you need 3 meters of fabric, get 3+ meters of fabric. The given measurements tell you what size you fit in for their patterns and how much fabric you will need so you have enough. I always get a bit extra incase I ruin something or want a matching head bow!
9) Use thick, strong thread! It will last longer and hold it all together very well. Cheap or thin thread will often break during activities like simply being washed.
10) Know your machine. The sewing machine you learnt to use at school may be very different from the one you own! I know mine sure is. Take time to read the manual and know how to use it correctly.

Happy sewing! ♥


  1. hi! im so happy i found blogger that like to sewing too ^^
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  2. Sewing is wonderful!
    I do cosplay a bit, nothing too intense though heh.

    Sure thing, I'm going to see right now! :D