My Life As A Lolita: Relationships

Firstly, I am so very lucky to have family, friends and a boyfriend. They are amazingly good to me and I love them so much. I can't imagine life with out them.

It's so sad to hear that the people in some other's lives treat them badly or differently for wearing lolita. I really feel for them and I have a lot of respect for them - doing what you love while the people you care about put it/you down takes so much courage. It also makes me even more grateful for the people in my life! I have great relationships in my life and I hope others can develop some like I have, or even better, they're lovely and everyone deserves something lovely! I'll now tell you about my good fortune with relationships in regards to lolita fashion.

My mother:
My mum is awesome! She's so sweet to me. Every time I wear lolita she gives me compliments and it's so nice to hear that she approves. When my new lolita items arrive she likes to see them and always thinks they're pretty! Sometimes she thinks it's all too expensive but she lets me buy it as long as I use my own money - which is 100% fair enough in my opinion! Mum has always supported my ~unusual~ tastes, even if she doesn't like the look of it she still allows me to look how I want to. I think she really likes lolita because it's so pretty and the opposite to her least favourite phase I went through (gothic/ grundge). I love how understanding and supportive my mum is about everything I do, including lolita c:

My father:
I don't think my dad has a strong opinion on me wearing lolita. He never says anything negative, so I'm grateful for that! He's cool about letting me use his paypal and trademe accounts to buy lolita :D

My brother:
My brother is approximately 18 months younger than me so we are close in our age and in our sibling relationship. He likes lolita and sometimes says my outfit is "cool" haha. Sometimes he encourages me to go out in it, which is quite nice. He also has never said anything negative about me wearing lolita.

My boyfriend:
Oh how I love my darling boyfriend! He is so amazing and loves me wearing lolita! He compliments me every single time I wear it and is always interested in new stuff I buy etc. He is becoming increasingly interested in konada/ ouji fashion which I think is so cool! I have never pressured him to wear or even suggested fancy clothing to him by the way, he is my boyfriend and not my dress up toy! I'm lucky to have such an understanding and open minded lover, I hear that many lolitas do not have this luxury, sadly.

My friends:
I wore lolita to my ball/ prom last year so pretty much everyone in my year group has seen me in it, but it was at a formal occasion and I don't know how they'd feel about it in casual situations. My close friends know I wear it and have no problem with it (that I know of). I don't really wear it around them though, I'm not 100% comfortable and ready yet. Only once so far I have worn it out and it was to a small gathering where we watched a movie. Thankfully, no one said anything negative and it made me feel better! Some of my friends have even been encouraging me to wear lolita on mufti day at school. I think my friends will accept me in lolita because to them I am so much more than my appearance. They're really great n__n

What are the people in your life like, in regards to lolita fashion?

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