Lolita Vloggers!

On the big wide world of youtube there are actually quite a few lolita vloggers! From coordinations to events to tutorials - there are some awesome things to be seen. Here are just some lolita vloggers c:
Allison is a 20 year old lolita from Berlin and she is super cute! She posts many make up tutorials, hair tutorials, room/ wardrobe and 'sweet lolita diary'. Jennifer -
Jennifer is a gorgeous gothic lolita from Germany! She posts make up tutorials, lolita fashion knowledge, hair tutorials and talks about her outfits. Even though I don't wear gothic lolita I love watching her videos!

"Shirowolfz" -
This lolita is from the USA and does many photoshoots which are what all of her videos consist of. She does have some lovely photos and mostly sweet coordinates to see!

The Charm Channel is run by Victoria from Lolita Charm, of course. She posts a wide variety of lolita things including; brolita, evolution, tutorials, personal lolita videos, a day in the life, her pomeranian and on the set of loligirls. I enjoy the diversity from coordinates and wardrobe posts! Princess Peachie -
This lovely lady is a 20 year old lolita from the united kingdom who posts reviews, her wardrobe, personal videos and her my little pony collection! She has quite a big wardrobe that is mostly sweet and Bodyline goodies - she's also very sweet.

Shelby Cloud -
Shelby is a sweet lolita in her late 20s from California, she is pretty well known so if you haven't seen her videos already you will have seen pictures floating around. Pretty much every single video she posts is about lolita. Shelby has an exquisite wardrobe, makes beautiful coordinations and posts really lovely videos - she is also a total sweet heart.

Kaikai is an adorable sweet lolita from the UK who only has a few uploads but they're pretty cool! My favourite is a video of how she does her hair and make up to transform from 'ordinary girl to sweet lolita'.

Unfortunately, I am unsure of her name (libellule?) but she is a lovely sweet lolita from France! She posts a lot of outfits and reviews of clothing she buys. Her accent is cool and she's so nice! Samantiena Bloodmyer -
Samantiena is a sweet lolita from England. She posts videos about coordinates, hair style tutorials (not necessarily lolita though), her wardrobe, photoshoots etc. She's very pretty and has a blog that is linked on her youtube account!Makelovely -
This 22 year old lolita from the USA who has a great blog and makes cool videos. Her videos are about lolita, interviews, lolita and cosplay and nerdy lolita! She's so smart and cool.

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