Todays Coord!

Today I'm actually properly wearing my first home made jsk for the first time. It's soooo comfortable, you have no idea o__o I decided to sweeten it up with lots of pink!
A make up shot! Where I have tired eyes and an awkward hand haha. I dyed my hair "dark brown" but it's still looking quite black :/ I look forward to it fading.
Jsk: Hand made
Cardigan: Jayjays
Head bow: Hand made
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag: Barbie
Necklace: My Little Pony


  1. Awww such a cute outfit! I especially love the My Little Pony necklace. (:

  2. Aaw you are so cute ^^
    The jsk is really adorable and suits you well ^^