super simple fluffy braids tutorial!

You will need:

Hair straighteners
Fine tooth comb
Heat protectant spray/serum
Hair ties and accessories of your choice
Detangling/ conditioning product
Hair spray
Wide tooth comb

First coat your hair in some form of heat protectant and set your straighteners on a low heat! This is how I always straighten my hair. Then, using a fine tooth comb, comb through sections of your hair following through with hair straighteners. This helps to straighten more thoroughly and smooth down the hair cuticals resulting in less damage & breakage to the ends of your hair.

Using the fine tooth comb, gently tease your hair until it's super fluffy! Do not tease your fringe or sections that will not go into the braids. Lightly mist the back combed parts with hair spray.

Section your hair into three unless you are doing this fish-braid style! Try to seperate the sections as well as you can, but avoid de-fluffing them.

Braid gently and tie at the ends. My braids don't look very fluffy because I didn't back comb them as much as usual - but compared to normal braids they are a lot bigger. These braids look particularily cute with mori styles and are best for long hair.

Finish with the hair accessories of your choice! I think tiny flower or bow clips through the braids would look quite pretty!

After care: When you are finished with your braids, gently undo them. Softly seperate the teased hair with your fingers. Avoid brushing it out! Brushing it out will cause breakage and hair to fall out. Go straight to the shower and massage through a detangler/ conditioning treatment and very carefully comb out the tangles with a wide tooth comb. Then treat your hair to some TLC and give it a conditioning treatment! :D