The Newbie Lolita: Part 2

Choosing your style is extremely important - not to mention extremely hard with so many beautiful choices! You need to do this before you start your wardrobe and coordination fantasies. BUT there is nothing to say you have to pick just one style. You can easily wear quite a few styles if you have a high budget or are great at coordinating your accessories to change the whole feel of a dress.
Pros of choosing one style:
Easy coordinations
More affordable
Cons of choosing one style:
It can quickly become boring
Lack of variety
Some of the easiest ways to chose your style are:
-Think of which style caught your eye first. For me, it was sweet!
-Think of which colours you like to wear the most ~ eg pastels = sweet. dark colours = gothic.
-Ask yourself which style expresses your personality best.
-Think of whick style you would feel most comfortable in.
Sometime soon I will post about coordinating and combining different styles! But for a start, it's easier to pick one style for beggining your wardrobe. As you and your wardrobe grows you may discover you don't like gothic so much anymore and move on - or want to try classic and add it to your gothic wardrobe etc. You will eventually morph into your perfect style or your own unique style!

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