My Life As A Lolita: Introduction

What's easier to write about than myself? Not much! I always find that it's cool to know about the authors of the blogs I read, it makes what they write better for some reason. Plus it's always good to recognise bloggers as people, as well as writers. So here we go!

My name is Larissa and I'm a 17 going on 18 year old New Zealand lolita! I live down the very south of New Zealand and it's very lonely in regards to lolita fashion. I'm a mostly sweet lolita with a growing interest in classic. I'm the owner of a relatively small lolita wardrobe that is growing due to my love for sewing! I'm pretty tall and I almost fall into the catagory of plus-size lolita due my darn big boobies! I've been wearing loli for almost a year (I think?) but have only in the past 6 or so months become so very in love and obsessed with it. I love animals, especially cats and can't resist anything cute. My favourite colours are pink, white, lavendar, cream and chocolate brown. I'm in a relationship of almost two years with a wonderful man who loves and supports my frills -I'm so lucky! I currently live with my parents and brother who all also support my frills. I do a little bit of cosplay, but it does not affect me as a lolita or the way I wear lolita. I'm not really into anything japanese other than lolita fashion, cosplay and a wee bit of anime. I have nine piercings but I'm thinking of taking out my septum and I am yet to be tattooed. When I leave school I aim to get into the fashion industry as it has been an interest since I was quite young. I love fantasising, day dreaming and everything pretty! If you want to ask me anything leave a comment or send me a message My Life As A Lolita posts will basically be about random parts of this introduction I choose to write more in depth about!
I'm interested to know if we have anything in common or if you'll do a My Life As A Lolita series?! ♥


  1. Hi I'm Lina! I wanted to know what it is like to live in New Zealand? Have you lived there all your life? I grew up in the USA but moved to Puerto Rico about 4 years ago for college. I love it a million times better in PR! I've always wanted to live somewhere different, like Germany! I like to travel and learn of different places...New Zealand seems cool. And btw I really like your style!

  2. Hi Lina!
    I have lived here all my life and it is fairly boring but quite a pleasant country to live in (:
    Those places sound really cool! I reccomend visiting NZ if you ever have the chance, it's a nice country.
    Thank you very much ^.^