Wee wardrobe post

I thought I'd do a little wardrobe post here so you can all have a nosey and so I can look back on it when my wardrobe blossoms :D I know it's not amazing and very impressive but it does the trick for me! I hope you like it and I'd love to see yours c:

OPs and Jsks: Bodyline, Hand made, Bodyline, Qutieland, Angelic Pretty

Socks: Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, Bodyline, off brand. Shoes: Bodyline & off brand

Bags: Bodyline, off brand, My Little Pony. Off brand parasole

All accessories are from Bodyline, My Little Pony, off brand and hand made!

*this post does not include cardigans etc. Thanks for looking :D


  1. I reeeeeally like the pink bodyline OP, especially the dainty sleeves. AP JSK looks really tiny, have you lost weight recently?

    I know of some Lolitas up in chch. I've seen them around. I've always had a mild interest in gothic lolita and all of them dress as this, never sweet or classic.

    Are most of the lolita community in nz like this?

  2. Thanks :D I love the style but the colour is too much and I've been considering selling it actually!
    I think it looks so much smaller because it's not laying as flat as the others >.< but it's only a 92cm bust, where as most of my others are 96cm+

    Ooooh yes, I've heard of them n__n I bought my milky chan from a chch loli!
    eep sorry but I don't 100% understand that next part lol, do you mean all the chch lolis are gothic lolitas?

    From what I've seen, most of the NZ lolitas are sweet or gothic and some occasionally wear classic
    ^ that's the NZ lolita lj where most of them lurk! if you stalk through old posts like I do, you can find meet up pictures and see what styles everyone wears xD

    I hope you enjoy that essay. LOL

  3. I think you have got a good selection there! All your dresses and accessories look like you really thought long and hard on how to mix and match well =))