Top 5 Lolita Loves!

1: Animal prints
I can't resist animal prints - I love animals and to have them on the dresses of my favourite fashion is awesome!
2: Diversity
I really believe that lolita fashion has a style for everyone and it's a really awesome thing :D there are so many lolita subcultures and options!
3: Socks
Oh god, when I see some cute lolita socks I just want to buy them all!! Regardless if I have anything to coordinate them with, I just want them o__o ~crazy for socks~

4: Long hair & pretty head wear

I love long hair with lolita! Probably just my love for the doll-like look, but I adore super long curls with my favourite head wear - head eating bows! They just look so cute with the right hair style (:

5: Lolita accessories

Dessert rings, bow jewelry, wrist cuffs etc. I love accessories though I'm not really into OTT styles, just simple adorable accessories that compliment the coordinate are lovely!

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