The benefits of Lolita friends

Benefit #1: Someone to share your love for the fashion
Having someone to talk to who loves the fashion as much as you do is great! You can chat about your favourite brands, styles and pieces... hanging out to swoon over a new release and making joint online orders for some new ruffles. *sigh* how lovely!
Benefit #2: Fashion advice and wardrobe swaps!
Having a trustworthy loli friend is great if you want to do wardrobe swaps and borrows - trying and sharing each others pieces and maybe having a taste of a new style. Who wouldn't love to dress their gothic friend up in sweet for the day!? I mentioned trustworthy because it is infuriating when people borrow your clothes and never give them back or just return them with damage. I know I often think about buying pieces but I feel hesitant and in need of a second opinion - who better to go to than a lolita friend for advice?
Benefit #3: Possible close friends
Just because you love lolita, doesn't mean you're going to get along with every other lolita! We're still human beings and have conflicting personalities and interests outside lolita fashion. But, lolita could draw you and other girls together first then you could end up getting to know each other and getting to adore each other! It's quite easy for people with common interests to get along well.
Benefit #4: Feeling like you're not alone
I can't say a lot about this one because, well, I'm a bit of a loner-loli. I have never met another lolita in person, but if I did, I think I would find it much easier to face the world in my frills! Having the support of someone who knows what you go through and how you feel would make lolita more comfortable and easy.

Benefit #5: Inspiration

Whenever you're feeling unhappy in your frills or have no ideas for new coords, you will have a friend who can help you through it and offer empathy. They can perk you up with new outfit ideas and help your mind wander until you think of something original and 'you'. They can also be inspiring, not for their appearance but for who they are as a person!


  1. I would love to be have Lolita friends to be Loli with. :) I'm afraid I would stick out too much at my American high school though - Would get lots of strange looks from the jeans-wearers. Maybe someday I shall be Brave and move to Japan!


    ps: New follower!

  2. Awh I hope you can be brave and wear it out one day! Good luck n__n

    woohoo thanks for following!