Mini Make Up Tutorial

Hello lovely followers! I thought I'd do a written mini make up tutorial for my every day make up :) Before I start, pretty much everything I use is from Avon! Here we go...♥
First, moisturise your whole face and let it soak in before applying make up. Then use concealer around any problem areas (I always use it on dark under eye circles, ocassional blemishes and scars). Then use a loose or pressed powder foundation all over your face that matches your skin tone. If you're prone to dry skin a liquid foundation may suit you better. Blend super well so your skin is all a similar shade. Then brush on some blush! Go for pink or rose coloured shades. Use white eyeliner on the inner bottom rims of your eyes and in the corners close to your nose. Blend this under your bottom lashes. Then use your concealer on your eyelids - or white eyeliner to create a very pale base. Brush shimmer powder over your whole eyelid. Then use plenty of mascara! Put heaps on the outer top lashes. I use Avon Super Shock mascara and lots of it on my top eye lashes. I use a Maybelline mascara on my bottom lashes because it has a smaller brush and the bottom lashes require less mascara. You can also use fake lashes for this! Then use liquid eyeliner on the outer corners of your eye. Make thin flicks that are in line with your eyelashes - this is only to enhance your outer corner lashes, not to look pointy or to elongate your eyes. Finish with a pale lipgloss or lip balm and never use bright glosses or lipsticks for this look n__n thanks for reading! I hope you like it!

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