The Lolita and Her Hair - Wigs, Extensions & Hairpieces

So, you want long hair? Bright hair? Hair you can change every week, every day? A new style? Wigs, extensions and hairpieces may be just what you need! Dillemmas you may have...

I want longer hair! you could get extensions to suit you. you can find clip in, glue in and micro clip ones. just make sure you do your research! get hair extensions that suit your needs - synthetic hair or human hair? also, make sure you will be able to apply them so they look natural and pleasant, and get a colour which matches your hair. black hair with blonde extensions won't look so good. You could also try a wig! wigs are good if you want to avoid damage to your hair that glue or clip in extensions can cause. Other wise, wait it out and grow it.

I just can't pick one hair style to stick with! you don't have to ;) wigs are perfect for this dillemma! get yourself a wide range of wigs and you can choose a different style as often as you like. plus, if you're wanting longer hair, wearing wigs means you can hide your hair while it grows. just make sure you take excellent care of your wigs to keep them looking lovely.

I want bright hair! ...but I don't want to damage my hair. this is where wigs come in again! alot of lolitas wear pretty pastel coloured wigs, this is perfect if you're a part time lolita and only want colourful hair sometimes. also great if you have a job or school rules to follow. Extension streaks are also an option, especially if you're not after a full head of colour.

I want to match my hair with my outifts! wigs wigs wigs! get one for every outfit if you really want to! wigs are the easiest and less damaging option (: or you could clip a few extensions into your hair that match your outfit.

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