The Lolita and Her Hair - Every colour of the rainbow

Pink, white, black, magenta, brunette, baby blue, red, lavendar, green, turquoise, blonde.. there's just so many to chose from! So, you may be wondering 'How do I chose!?' Never fear, I might be able to help you out! There are many things you have to consider before dying your hair, especially bright colours. Before you reach for the bottle or call up the hair salon, ask yourself: *will this colour affect me at work? or my chances of finding a job? *will this colour affect me at school/ college/ uni? *will my parents allow me to have this colour? if you answered no to one or more, then you'll probably have to stick with what you've got unfortunately. Schools, work places and parent all have rules, and you will have to abide by them. For example, I'm only allowed "natural" hair colours at my school. Now, the next questions: *can I afford this? *can I afford the upkeep? if you don't dye your hair yourself, you'll need to go to the hair salon. I especially reccommend this if your hair is going to need bleaching, stripping or lightening. If you plan on having your hair this colour for a long time you will want to keep it looking it's best, so you'll need to get your roots done regularily, maintain the nice colour and keep your hair in good condition. If you can't afford this, don't bother! *Will I need my hair bleached, stripped or lightened? just go to the salon! Don't risk ruining your hair. Next questions: *Which colour suits my skin? *Which colour suits my eyes? *Which colour matches my style? *Which colour matches my clothing? If you are dark skinned, white or blonde probably will not suit you, nor will pastels. Be sure to pick a colour that compliments your skin tone or provides the look you desire. Are you a sweet lolita? Pretty pastels or soft brunettes/ blondes will probably be the way to go for you. Are you a gothic lolita? Blacks will probably match your look! You could even try blue black if your closet has some blue in it. Are you a classic lolita? Probably best to avoid candy colours and go for something elegant and pretty. If you're someone who gets bored easily, dying your hair can be hell for it! Thankfully, there is a solution! I will tell you all about it in my next Lolita Hair post (wigs & extensions!)

Kaylah's Q&A of colourful hair: (this is very helpful!!)

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