BODYLINE YOKOSO. always lovely with a girls heart?

I have noticed that many lolitas are predjudice against Bodyline, but I am a fan! I have decided to check out the pros and cons of Bodyline (: I hope you find this interesting and/or helpful.

CONS: apparently low quality, though the items I have are pretty good quality in my opinion. some of the english translations are hard to understand. it's cheap - some see this as a negative thing. some items are just plain ugly! they sell "fetish/cosplay" items which put some people off.

PROS: fixed world wide shipping fee - which is actually very reasonable. low prices all year around. huge sales. they provide sizes from petite to large and short to tall. non-lolita items for other fashion tastes. they sell shoes, accessories, panniers, blouses, jsks, ops, skirts, bloomers, bags, socks, hair pieces - everything you need! you pay for your items through paypal. they have competitions you can enter to be their model and design clothing. the shipping is so fast! my first dress arrived after 5 days o: from Japan to the bottom of NZ.

conclusion: if you pick the right items you get a great deal! Bodyline is fantastic for a lolita on a budget and even if you're a brand junkie, you can easily find some fantastic accessories/pieces to add to your wardrobe. shipping is fast + world wide and the prices are amazingly affordable. 4.5 stars from me!

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