Bodyline has dolls!

...and they're adorable and anime-like! I personally love these dolls! I am not a blythe doll fan at all, or any doll of similar appearance. Something about them grosses me out.. maybe it's the oversized head? the weird eyes? just generally not very cute? It's all of the above for myself! However, I find these dolls just so gorgeous! They stand at about 14cm tall and cost US$25 during the sale and US$50 RRP. Unfortunately, that seems to be all the information bodyline have on them. The pictures show that you can change their positions and put them on stands. Other pictures also suggest that you can change their heads/ facial expressions and hair! How awesome! I assume they pop or clip on and off. I love their little japanese uniforms, anime style faces and hair and how pretty they look. You can take a look for yourself here:

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