Random bits and pieces post!

 Pussybow blouses will always be a favourite. They're just too cute!
^I hadn't worn this dress in so long.
Plus, these two pictures show different hair styles with lolita.. I need to experiment with these more and appropriate headwear. I've also got myself some new hair extensions so my hair is looking great again haha, I hope I'll have some pictures for you soon.
Course has been soooo busy! I have a lot of work to do though, I need to have it done in advance for while I'm away in Auckland seeing Tool live :'D
I'd also be keen to have a wee discussion here about Bodyline's latest dress release! Here it is, pictured above. My opinion is; it's cool that Bodyline is trying something different from their usual... although it's not particularly original, the sizing is total bullshit and I can't wait to see the coordinates people will come up with for this! (: What do you all think? Thanks for reading 

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  1. Yeah, it's nice that they posted something new. But still, it's to messy and a little bit boring. I understand that the black top is the reason why the price is high. And i heard the top is nice itself but the dress print is blurry and the fabric is not so nice. Some one went to Bodyline shop and checked it.