Meet up at the park~

 Hello! On last sunny Sunday afternoon we had a meet up at Queens Park here in Inverz (:
 Kami's friend Libby joined us, borrowing some of her sweet lolita clothing and is now keen to buy some of her own! Yay, we need more lolitas here! Isn't she so wee and cute?

 The rose gardens were a pretty background for picture taking! The fair and a teddy bear's picnic was also going on at the park that day so there were heaps of people around, we got a lot of stares and some sweet compliments c: a wee girl asked to take a picture with us, it was pretty cuteee. I wish I got one on my camera with her haha.
 We're all wearing Bodyline and offbrand, as far as I know! It was really warm that day, I was even toasty in one layer and bare legs D: Still a very fun day! I hope you like the pictures~
Thanks for reading! See you next time 。◕‿◕。