Bodyline Review

 L172 by Bodyline in all black, size 2L
 This is a really cute one piece!! Especially for just US$40! I was not really expecting the high quality details like the cotton lace - there is actually no crap lace on this dress at all (sadly I notice it's used often on their newer dresses). You can iron over this lace so it makes doing that job a bit easier c:

 As you can tell by some wrinkles still remaining, the bottom is a bit difficult to iron. The waist ties are detachable and the elastic sleeves are nice and comfy - infact this dress is really comfortable in general! I might remove the bows on the sleeves or sew them down flat.. they just kinda stick out funny to me :p 
But anyhow, this dress is really nice and if you are considering getting it for yourself I would recommend it!

 Today I'm just wearing a really basic coordinate as it only arrived this morning. I might try and get more inventive and exciting with my coords, I stay in my comfort zone too much haha. Offbrand tights and belt, and the headband is from ebay! 
 I think this outfit will be nice for course as it's so simple and pleasant to wear!

 You can't see too well here but I have finger tattoos now n__n they're really cute
Basic make up as per usual ;) Thanks for reading, I hope the review was decent enough! 


  1. The dress suits you well ^^ And I like your finger tattoos, they're adorable and small!

  2. The dress is really cute! :D
    I've been wanting an all black jsk or op for some time now, but always lose the bidding for ones I want and could afford.

    Looks great on you and your face is so sweet! ^^

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. I actually have 2 jsks and this op which are in all black, from Bodyline and I love them! They're all good quality and affordable for me (:
      Thank youuu n__n

  3. How pretty you are! I just have to follow you from now on. Would love to see your tattoos in more detail, they look great! Best wishes, Usai <3

  4. Could i ask which petticoat did you use for this? I ordered the same one but i dont know what to get?

    1. Hey there! I make my own petticoats, I have never owned one made by anyone else/ a company, so I'm not sure what to recommend sorry!