Warning: Boring post ahead!

I shifted into my new house almost two weeks ago and started back at school. It has been a very busy and stressful couple of weeks but at least I'm settled in at home! ^I'm glad I don't have a huge wardrobe because carefully packing my lolita stuff was a fair amount of effort haha. I have three days left of school for the rest of my life o: scary but hey, it's my time to be pushed into the adult world~
The walls in my new room are so cute! Lavender and mint make my room seem so bright and sweet (: I will get decent photos of my new room some time soon! My camera batteries are all flat and we have no charger for them yet. (hence the not-so-great cellphone pictures)
Today I treated myself to some new shoes^ I saw them a couple of months ago and wanted them! I had a bit of money and needed new shoes so I decided to get them - it was good that they were only $30 too. I look forward to coordinating them!
Everyone has probably noticed that Bodyline has $1 shipping at the moment!! Pretty flippin' awesome deal considering they didn't raise the prices of the items along with it. In about two weeks I'll place an order (: an adorable black jsk is calling my name and perhaps a blouse too.. depending on how much money I have then. Will you buy anything from BL? Have you already placed an order? Sorry for such a dull post yet again, my blog has been deteriorating due to my busy life atm. Thanks for reading <3


  1. Hey! I have the same colored walls as you (except its more of a mint green color) XD That's awesome!

  2. the shoes are so lovely :D:D hope you post some pictures of your new room, when you have settled down :D