Being a pierced lolita

I had made a post about this a very long time ago and it actually drew a lot of attention to my blog! I didn't actually like the old post so I thought 'why not re-write it!?' I hope you all enjoy it!

From what I have seen, being heavily modified and a participant in lolita fashion is not hugely common! I've even seen that some people think they do not go together at all. Personally, I think they go together just fine and hey, your body; your choice!

Because it is completely your choice, it's up to you how many body modifications you have, what jewelery you wear and where your modifications are located. As a not-yet-inked lolita, I'll be focusing on piercings mostly.

A couple of fun ideas/ options relating to lolita and piercings:
Match your jewelery to your outfit! This is like painting your nails or slipping on a matching ring. There are plenty of coloured and even patterned jewelery to get your hands on if you look - for example: these coloured labret bars or this plug set.
Wear piercing retainers - these are used to hide or disguise piercings. Most often used in the workplace or school. These are a good idea if you want to hide your piercings, don't feel like showing them off or just feel like that's the best option for you.

Remember that it is up to you how you look! There are no rules or guidelines against piercings anyway, never let anybody tell you that your piercings effect the quality of lolita that you are.

Where can I find/ see other modified lolitas?
Fyeahmoddedloli on tumblr
Ana from Strawberry Fields Forever
Katzixx's daily_lolita posts

Where can I buy some body jewelery?
Local piercing & jewelery stores
Etsy (stocks an enormous range of handmade goods, including body jewelry - great for unique pieces)
Online auction sites - eg. ebay
IMPORTANT: Never buy used jewelery and visit your local piercer for advice about jewelery, piercings and aftercare.


  1. Nice post! I would love to see more girls having piercings and wear lolita ♥

  2. When it comes to priced Lolitas, I become always a little shocked when I see pictures of them, but just because it's interesting. I've been wanting a snakebite, under my lower lip for ages, but I just don't think I'm that kind of person anymore :P

  3. I would never take out my piercings for lolita, I love my piercings and I love wearing lolita, I don't think theres anything wrong with pierced lolitas :D

  4. @Niesje7002
    As would I! I think it often looks really good (:

    I agree, there is absolutely nothing wrong with pierced lolitas! I only hide my septum with lolita haha

  5. I'm with Linky on this.

    A lot of people say that you need to find your own way of accessorising/coordinating outfits to make them your own. I think having piercings is just another way of doing this.

    Also, it's the-overture off tumblr, it won't let me visit your tumblr or follow you or anything T_T

  6. Yeah, definitely! You're very correct.

    Aw maaaan, many people's computers have a problem with my tumblr D: it's so annoying!