Wee update!

My Bodyline order arrived today!! I was quite surprised because tracked shipping didn't let me know. Anyway, it was too horribly dull to get pictures for a review today but this happy customer will post one later on this week (:
On a slightly unrelated note, this body spray is the best I have ever had in my whole life. It's bubblegum scented and you can't imagine how delicious it smells, seriously! If you ever get the chance to purchase it, don't pass up that oppportunity c: it's great! I hope you're all well <3


  1. The bows are so cute and I'd love to own this body spray, it sounds marvelous! <3


  2. Looking forward to the review ^^
    And lovely, bubblegum scented body spray~

  3. aw,how i loke different body sprays *____*