Wardrobe Goals & Plans

Personally, I find it helpful to think about my wardrobe - where it's going, what I want to add, what I want to remove etc. I like to do this because I'm kinda prone to impulse buying and it needs to stop! I feel like it's important for me to think carefully as I transition further out of sweet. Here are my wardrobe goals and plans currently.
Black - particularily jumperskirts!
Coloured tights and blouses - especially ones that match, they will coordinate well with the black jumperskirts. I'm dreaming of deep red and navy!
Offbrand - (accessories in particular) offbrand opens a whole new world of possibilities for outfits!
Bags - I'd love some pouches, satchels and hand bags ~ especially ones that match a nice pair of...
Shoes - There's actually only one pair of lolita shoes I want, the rest would be offbrand shoes. Offbrand shoes tend to be more comfortable and much easier to find.
Wristcuffs - being quite tall means blouses sometimes end too far up my arms for my liking! Plus, wristcuffs are so cute.
Flat barettes - I like to have my hair quite casual now, so big alice bows tend to look funny and out of place.
Pastels - because I'm decreasing my sweet wardrobe, I need to avoid pastels. They become too hard to coordinate with anything but other pastels! Even though I'm actually planning on buying a lavender bodyline blouse and dying white tights to match them... I just can't resist lavender, okay!?
Knee high socks - They always seem to have the cutest patterns, but I don't like the look of my knees in the middle of the top of my socks and the bottom of my dress! I feel like it distracts from the whole outfit. Tights and OTKs are for me c:
I've also made the decision recently to pretty much leave sweet! I think I'll just have some sweet-inspired outfits mixed with gothic and classic. I'm even thinking of selling Milky Chan or trading it for Starry Night Theatre along with getting myself an Innocent World jsk (: I'll have to see what happens though, these are just thoughts I'm having at the moment. Is anyone else making big wardrobe changes right now? Thanks for reading <3


  1. sounds great :D I have to plan my wardrobe a little more my self :P

  2. Aah nice to read this!
    I do the same, thinking what I need in my wardrobe, and what not..