Bodyline Review!

WARNING: picture heavy - and the pictures aren't very good because it was incredibly dull today, this winter is awful and freezing! But yes, I'm truly sorry for most of the pictures being blurry and low quality.
I purchased two jsks - shipping was from Japan to New Zealand via EMS and took about 5 shipping days to reach me. It was very expensive though - about NZ$50 :c

JSK L188 - halter neck and fully shirred. Size M, red colourway.

Here's the print, lace and frills around the bottom. The print is very nice, clear and good looking. The lace around the bottom is good quality and a vibrant red.

Waist bow - detatchable with soft crochet lace.
The same lace is used around the bodice and halter straps.

Shirred bodice. It has a lot of room, the maximum meaurements are 100cm but I think you could fill it out a bit more. My bust is 96cm and it doesn't strecth out the shirring too much.

^Worn picture. Nice and comfortable. I'm unsure about the halter straps, they don't feel right or sit properly at the back but maybe I just need to get used to them. The skirt part is also kinda short, my petti nearly peeks out! I feel that fully shirred bodices look slightly saggy and bulgy so I think I'll have to look out for a nice belt or something to stop it making my waist look big and rolly. I do really like this dress though!

JSK L348 - shirring panels on front and back. Size 2L, black colourway.

There are four bows along the frills with climbing lace and ribbon. The lace and ribbon used is nice and soft!

Back bodice shirring. The ribbon used is nice - good and sturdy and not shiny or cheap. The lace used around here is beautiful, so so pretty!

Front of bodice (sorry, this pic is particularly awful). Better picture of bodice: The straps have some shirring so it can stretch out and fit super comfortably! I usually have problems with bodices sitting to high under my bust and this jsk sits perfectly. It has the same lace and ribbon as the back bodice and also has some crochet lace beside the embroidered lace, as you can see below.

Front bodice shirring. Better picture:

Front of dress. Another picture:

Three layers of frills are around the bottom, each frill layer has crochet lace on the edge.

Detatchable waist bow.

Worn! It's really comfortable, I chose the perfect size - I wanted to keep the front shirring all bunched so I got 2L and there is enough room in the back shirring for comfortable movement. The only bad thing about this dress is that it's heavy! All the frills along the bottom weigh down my petti and this is the only dress that has ever done this! Make sure you have a tough petticoat for this jsk.

I wore the black jsk today and this is the bow I made to wear with it! It's great to have a change from the usual head eater - I like the flat barette much more (: Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my review! ♥


  1. The black JSK is amazing, it could nearly be a BTSSB piece.

  2. I've been considering buying that black JSK lately as I want some more gothic in my wardobe. You've pretty much sold it to me with this post! XD
    Shame the shipping is so expensive, though. DHL, how I miss thee!

    Both JSKs really suit you :)

  3. @Oberfinanzdirektion
    Now that you meantion it, I totally agree!

    If you have enough money, it's a completely worthwhile buy! It's the best Bodyline item I have ever owned (: Ahh come back DHL!!
    Thank you!

  4. really beautiful! I think I have to order these ones... especially the black one o_O LOVE :D

  5. If you want it, go for it! It's so worth it, so beautiful (: