Sweet VS comfortable?

Oh dear, I'm having a style crisis! Though, I think it's one that will change my wardrobe and will be a change for a long time. I've been thinking a lot lately - possibly too much - about wearing lolita out and about as my wardrobe grows. I really struggle to see myself out casually all decked out in sweet.. I can't imagine being comfortable with the way I look and not because of what other people will think.
Yes, of course, when I'm in sweet I feel very cute and pastel-tastic! But I also don't feel completely comfortable. It doesn't quite feel like me anymore. I really do see my wardrobe morhping into something darker with soft patterns, solid and casual colours.

At this stage, I'm not packing up all my sweet stuff to sell and use the money to buy other stuff - I don't even know if I'll stop wearing sweet! I doubt it actually, sometimes I'm in the mood for something sweeter than I can find in my candy container. So, I'm not 100% sure what will become of my style yet. Very soon I am going to order a couple of jsks - classic and gothic - and see how I feel in them. I think it will help me to decide where I'll go!

Have you been through the same thing? If so, let me know how it went! Thanks for reading ♥


  1. I'm not a Lolita but when I was, I was terrified of wearing it outdoors. Even when I wore this casual outfit that I had made I got paranoid ;___;

    But it's entirely up to yoou ^^ I think it would be lovely to mix styles and not just wear sweet :D

  2. I've been thinking the exact same thing! I think classic or gothic is easier to manage and wear in public; it doesn't deviate so much from "normal" clothing as sweet does. plus I think it's easier to coordinate and gives an air of maturity and elegance rather than cuteness.

    what I've decided is to move to another style when I feel it suits me better but to keep three different styles in my wardrobe. If you still like sweet I think you should be able to have a few sweet things for those days when you feel like looking cute but maybe make room for classic and gothic to wear everyday/in public. Keep your favourite sweet dress and sell the ones you can live without. that way you can have the best of it all! :)

    I think you'll know what to do after you've tried other styles and when the time comes you'll make the decision that is best for you. you can always change your style as many times as you need. I think you'll look great in anything you choose <3

  3. Thanks Lizzie!

    Your plan is good! I've been thinking similar things and with selling, I'm not sure if I can part with all of my sweet stuff yet! Thank you for the help :D I appreciate the comment ♥