Current Inspiration!

I'm loving all things whimsical at the moment. These book bags from Innocent World are gorgeous. They're a nice change from animal faces and heart shapes!

Store window coordinations or coordinations from brand websites are a great place to find inspiration. Sometimes they're simple and predictable but then other times they're extravagent, creative or something you would have never even thought of!
Taking it back to basics - such a beautiful simple coordination above! I find this inspiring because the outfit is so simple but she looks stunning! I adore how she brought out the little bit of brown in the print and paired it up with minimal head wear - letting the outfit take centre stage.

Many people use the second most popular colour from a dress/ print and use it to base their accessories on. Sometimes I like to see the base/main colour used instead, like above. It makes the outfit (from what we can see) appear to have a more gothic feel.

Nails to match prints! Just a super cute wee detail :3 Details are often what makes an outfit amazing.

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