Thank you and a natter

I have reached 50 followers! Thank you so much for following, everyone! I appreciate the following, comments and support so much and I never really thought 50 people would be interested in my ramblings XD I think I'd like to do a give away when/ if I reach 100 followers, though I'd be worried I'd attract people who were just after the give away and didn't read my blog at all lol. Again, thank you so much!

Time for a wee ramble ;) Tomorrow I am going to the Otago Polytech and University open day in Dunedin, which is about a 2.5 hour drive away. I originally planned to wear fairy kei but I don't think I will because there will be a lot of wandering and searching that I will have to do alone and without any friends. Fairy kei is undoubtedly eye catching and I don't want to attract dangerous people's attention while I'm alone in a place I'm not very familiar with! So I shall just wear casual cute (:
Next month I am attending the Dunedin Armageddon Expo! It's the first ever con-type-thing I've been to and I'm taking the opportunity to wear lolita :3 I may be staying over night and going to Armegeddon two days, so I may just wear fairy kei the second day! Due to the devistating earthquakes in Christchurch, the Christchurch Armageddon has been postponed until later in the year. I may also attend that one later on. I'm kind of hoping that some chch lolitas will attend Dunedin Armageddon Expo ~ and any Dunedin ones for that matter!
I'm also seriously thinking about wearing lolita to school on a mufti day o: deciding which coord to wear will be a little difficult! I'll have to consider; possible damage, poofiness, colours etc.
Anyways ~ here is a fairy kei outfit! It is fully offbrand, home made and bodyline n__n it includes: pink my little pony t-shirt, lavender starry pannier, pink carousel bag, pink pony socks, white tights, pink cardi with white hearts, white heart buckle shoes and white head bows.

Thanks for reading! ♥


  1. You're coming to Dunedin? Awesome! We might bump into each other tomorrow :D I'll be at the Dunedin Armageddon Expo too, but I'm not sure if I would be able to wear lolita as I don't have any of my dresses with me, but I'll probably get one for the expo >.<

  2. Excellent! I hope to see you :D please say hi if you recognise me, I'll be so frazzled I won't recognise anything heh.
    Aw that's so cool!! I hope you can find one (:

  3. I'm one of your new followers, And I'm pretty attracted by your blogging so keep doing as well as you are and I'm sure there will be 100 followers soon ♥

  4. u're fairy kei outfit is awesome)))
    it looks really lovely)))

  5. Thank you so much Tenshi and Japanese Wife :D