Day 15 – A picture of your last lolita purchase.

I'll do ya one better than just a picture, how about a whole post?!
I bought these two Bodyline skirts second hand for a total of NZ$60 including shipping! Good deal. I always wanted the fairy of forest skirt and I'm glad I finally got it :) it's pretty cute. I also got the detatchable bow with this, but the waist ties were missing - not that I ever really use waist ties anyway! The Bodyline candy skirt is long gone from the website and I actually really like it! The waist ties came along with it and I unpicked the bow from the skirt so I can wear it in my hair. I wasn't sure if I could coordinate a skirt with so much red but thankfully....

The lovely lady I bought it from gave me these socks for free! o: so sweet of her! And a big help. I've been volunteering my time lately to do make up for my school's production. The production goes for 5 shows and tomorrow is the last one, thankfully. I've found it tiring and pretty time consuming on top of internal exams at the moment but oh well, it has been fun. I'm blabbing on about this because I wore lolita on opening night of the production! I was very careful not to get make up on my outfit and then I stayed and watched the show that night with a few friends. It was my first time really wearing it out and it was quite exciting! I got some cool compliments (though that was expected from the production kids, they're a nice bunch) and many stares when I walked out to meet my friends and take my seat.. they were not in any way subtle, one girl even pointed me out to her friends while she knew I could see her lol I just decided to ignore it though! I plan to wear lolita out more often now. I didn't get any pictures of my outfit that night unfortunately, but I'll replicate the outfit another day and show you n__n it featured the candy skirt!

I coordinated this skirt with pink and white and I like it - I think the colours are balanced really well! It's also so simple and comfy. Here's a picture of me wearing it:

Hi, I'm Larissa and this is my snooty face.. lol srsly wtf is with my face here!? I look like a grumpy wee muffin. I am very unsure of wearing this blouse without something over my bust area.. it makes my boobs look even bigger than they already are >__> Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you're all well ♥

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