A little bit of classic...

It is already the 9th of April, and I only just remembered to flip my calendar! I liked what I found, it's so cute o: so many adorable bunnies - such an eastery feel.
Today I'm wearing this. I don't think it's my best hand made dress in regards to construction (a few things didn't go to plan) but it's very comfy to wear around home :D I couldn't get a very good picture of my hair sorry, but it was in two low buns with a big bow on top! What you also can't see is that I worked patterned black fishnets into my outfit.. I put them over black tights just to add some texture (as fishnets over bare skin with lolita doesn't really look right in my opinion)
My face looks really weird here but oh well haha. I like the colour pallete for classic lolita, I'd like to wear more of it! I'd also like to apologise for my lack of decent posts recently, but I'll get right on that as soon as I can (:

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