Little Bears Cafe Replica

A print that when was first released, I thought was much too busy and never really thought much more about it. Then the replica (by Dream of Lolita) was released and I thought that it's not so bad, but still to busy for my liking. But after seeing a lovely video review (which I will post very soon because this is not letting me embed it right here grr), hearing other good reviews and seeing cute coords I've decided that I really like it!
My favourite parts about it are:

the adorable squirrels

the pom pom trim

the pleating

the awesome reviews!

I'm going to purchase this replica after my next Bodyline order, which is very soon. I've decided that I will get it in the brown colourway and snatch up a headband while I'm at it (: I'm already dreaming up coordinates in my head and looking forward to buying it!

So, followers - what do you think of little bears cafe? Like/ dislike/ unsure?

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  1. I'm kind of the same as you with LBC! At first I actually disliked it a bit. I didn't like the artwork much, it reminded me of meta, it was too bust, etc. But after seeing it coordinated and reviewed, I really want it! The fact that there's a replica makes me want it even more x3!

  2. Exactly :D I feel the same way!
    eep replicas are sooo tempting