Natural Sweet Lolita

With the world of sweet lolita becoming over-run with pastel wigs and deco accessories, sometimes it's nice to go back to basics every once in a while! Natural sweet lolita is pretty much how I'd describe my lolita style so I thought I'd share it with you c:

Find inspiration in the old school sweet lolita. The picture above shows how natural can be super adorable! She's got natural sweet lolita down ;)

The basics of natural sweet lolita include:

Make up: Go for something simple but very pretty. Ditch deco jewels for a clean complection with a small dusting of pink blush. Forget layers of fake lashes and go for lots of mascara or just one set of fake lashes. Circle contacts can still be natural - as long as they're not huge and teamed up with intense gyaru inspired eye make up.

Nails: Those decoden fake nails can have a wee break.. french tips, clear polish, one polish to match your outfit or a little nail shimmer is the way to go!

Hair: This is an important one! No colourful wigs are included in natural lolita. Wear your natural hair or a natural looking wig (like the one pictured above). Natural hair colours such as brown, black and blonde match pretty much any outfit and tone it down. I think pastel wigs are what make OTT sweet look so OTT.

Hair accessories: A hair bow, hat, simple bonnet or headband is all you need for natural lolita head wear! Do you really need one head eater, 6 mini bows and star hair clips nesting in your hair? Not really :p

Accessorising: You don't need to wear $100 worth of jewelry with one outfit - a wrist cuff and a ring is enough to make your outfit pop! I actually hardly ever bother wearing any jewelry apart from my little pony necklaces, sometimes bracelets and rings get in the way or feel uncomfortable. Also, your bag can be a plain bag with a bow, rather than a matching print tote with a million danglies hanging from it!

Well, that's basically it! Are you a natural sweet lolita too, or are you an OTT addict? Feel free to let me know which and why c:

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  1. I luv this blog!!! I am a natural sweet loli myself, I dont know very many even searchng the web I find many OTT loli's. I cant find very much on the internet about it besides this blo and couple of other things, I have been a nartural sweet lolita for a long time (believe it or not I just found out there was a term for it). I am a 22 yr old mother though and that probably has to do with it a bit but I'm glad someone has a blog at least describig to people what it is!!! It always feels good to know there are others out there. I'm in the US & lets just say there aren't many (if any) in my area at least. People always stare at me or compliment. You just cant help who you are though, it's hard enough not dress how I feel when I go to work (I have to tone it down alot). Anywho sweetie I very much enjoyed your blog!! ;)