Daily Cute!

Wearing lolita everyday is hard! Especially if you have school or a job. Other reasons are usually not in the mood, when daily activities are not worth it or are inappropriate and feeling unwell. There are still many ways to get your daily dose of adorable without busting out a full coordination! Here are some of my ideas:

1: Cute shoes! Lolita shoes will usually still look sweet with a casual dress - walk pretty!

2: Hair accessories! I like to wear a lace trim bow with a big, full bun to school. Go ahead and add bows, cute hair ties and head bands.

3: Carry a pretty bag! Totes, purses, shoulder bags - whatever you like! It immediately adds some lovely to your look!

4: Beautiful hair! Style your hair in the way it looks best or even wear a wig.

5: Adorable stationary! This is perfect for schools or workplaces with strict rules on uniform and appearance. Who wouldn't love to write with a cute hello kitty pen?

6: Fancy fingernails! Deco them, wear fake ones, even one coat of glitter is enough to look nice!

7: Pretty jewellry! Pretty earrings, necklaces, rings, anklets - again, whatever you like! As long as you like it and it makes you feel good, wear it.

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