What Your 2011 Lolita Wardrobe Needs

Little trends have been popping up in the lolita community and
you should snap up your favourites for your wardrobe this year!
Wigs or extensions: Cute wigs like the one pictured above are perfect for super sweet lolita! Lolitas who aren't into super sweet usually stay away from wigs but this year you could try a wig in a natural hair colour. Pastels aren't the only option! Or some clip on extensions matching your hair can be used to take your hair to the next level.

The Boater Hat: You've seen this in a few of my posts because I looove them! They're pretty, versatile in terms of different styles and an awesome new trend. ps. they're just so cute OK!?

Try Some Classic Lolita: Lolitas on the EGL community have been predicting that classic will become much more popular and some will leave sweet for classic. So check out some Innocent World - or if you're on a budget check out some bodyline, they have a few lovely classic jsks!

Tippets: Tippets, pictured above are faux fur collars that sit around your neck. They've become so popular and would be so snuggly for winter! Find a plain one to decorate with bows that match your dress, buy pre-made coloured ones or make your own from scratch!

New colours: Introduce a new colour or two to your wardrobe! Try something different. For example, this year I am bringing in some brown, white and dusty tones with my pinks and blues.

Old School: Apparently old school lolita is coming back! Yup, ol' blackxwhite - be careful though, you want old school not ita ;) do your research and lurk a bit if you don't know much about it.

Did I miss anything? And, is there anything in your lolita wardrobe that has seemed timeless?

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