A post of amazing news!!

See this adorable Milky Chan jsk by Angelic Pretty? Yup? Well it is now mine! :D I bought it second hand from another NZ lolita on a New Zealand auction site. It is so rare for actual lolita items to appear on there! Usually it's just cosplay or queer fetish wear labelled as lolita on there (ugh). I spotted the auction and thought "OH MY GOD WOW" but opening the auction, little did I know that it is in my size and only NZ$130. This is amazing! Milky chan usually sells for around $200-$300 second hand. I had the money so I bought it! I'm so happy that I did and I really can't wait to wear it! Of course, spending all my money on this instead of my bodyline purchase means that I will not yet have a blouse - Thankfully it is quite high in the chest area so I'll wear a necklace and wear a cardigan until I get a blouse. And never fear, I will start saving for a blouse, boater hat and socks from bodyline right now! The jsk also comes with the matching socks n__n I'm very happy and I feel so lucky!

The jsk I am attempting to sew is going well so far! I found the most spectacular fabric o: it's so lovely, I will post a picture of it here some time! I'm also looking forward to dying my hair brown soon - I've really missed wearing extensions. My hair is currently very peach and I'm getting regrowth :( Oh well though heh.

So lovely followers, have you made any great purchases lately or have you any excellent news? :)


  1. What an awesome lucky find!! I can't wait to see your coordinates with it ;u;!

  2. I know, I can't believe it!
    Thank you n__n please feel free to give and concrit if you feel the need!

  3. You're dyeing your hair brown? D: But i love pink!

  4. Yessss, I have to for school! They suspended me last time I turned up with pink hair lol.
    I was going to have blonde, but that involves a lot of upkeep that I cannot afford - and I like my hair brown anyway (:
    Plus I miss extensions muchos

  5. Ahh I see. I think it looks very nice brown, It just sucks you can't keep it crayzay. Stupid Verdon.

  6. I know D: ahh well, when school is done I may go crayzay ;) depending on jobs I guess haha.