Milky Chan is here!

It's so gorgeous! Beautiful quality, print and lace as expected :) But, of course there had to be a downside.. the measurements on the AP website are LIES!! :'( They say the bust goes up to 98cm - not even close! My bust is a 95cm so I thought it would fit comfortably, but to my devistation it's so tight! I have the shirring stretched to the max and it's just so tight. I measured my bust just before and it is flattened to 92cm now o___o To fit comfortably, I'd say your bust should be 90cm max. How sad. I'm wearing it anyway and I plan to exercise more for a better fit and because I need to anyway ;)
Here is a worn picture without a blouse or anything (I am wearing a cardigan right now though) and you can also see my new hair :D it's looking slightly crazy in this picture but oh well haha. I like it brown very much, I feel like my look is now classier and less playful.

The lovely lady I bought the dress from, forgot that she also had milky chan socks in pink and threw them in for no extra charge! My items were packaged in a lovely meta bag and only took one day to get here n__n over all, I'm quite happy but I do feel disappointed that the measurements are wrong and I have to work out more. Wish me luck in fitting into this better!


  1. Lucky! Milky Chan in brown is one of my dream dresses. ;A;
    I'm sorry it doesn't fit right though; it looks so cute on you! ♥

  2. You rock Milky Fawn!!! I don't think the brown version is for everyone, but it definitely suits you well. I just snagged the pink version of this in auctions, and seeing how beautiful it looks makes me even more excited to get mine in the mail. ^ ^ Enjoy!

  3. @Caylee
    oh I hope you get it too then! and thank you :D

    Aw thank you! Oh wow, congratulations! Enjoy your dress n__n