Happy International Lolita Day!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had/ will have a fantastic ILD! I had a nice, relaxing day and didn't get up to much heh. Above is a full picture of my outfit and below is some wee details! If you can't see this very well, I matched an earring to the pattern on my socks just to feel like the socks had some relevance haha.
My boyfriend came over and we baked some lolly cake! If you haven't had lolly cake, you simply haven't lived! It is basically made with crushed malt biscuits, sweetened condensed milk, butter and fruit puff lollies. It is usually rolled in coconut but I hate the stuff and am mildly allergic to it, so it went without. Here's a picture (which really doesn't do any justice to how delicious it is!)
And here is my baking apron with some lazy photoshop surrounding it xD

It was a pretty hot day today, so I stayed inside most of the day to avoid getting over heated. I enjoyed trying out the bun hairstyle today :) you probably can't see but they have wee star hair clips in them. Please let me know what you did for ILD! ♥

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