My Bodyline order arrived today!

Today I was pleased to find that my Bodyline order has arrived! I'm not going to go into detail about this order, as every Bodyline review is pretty much the same. I'll just give you a quick run over of everything :)
Shoes: I like the shoes a lot actually! Though they were not the ones I wanted in the first place, they're really cute. They're light weight and comfortable to wear. They fit pretty much perfectly and look nice on. They were not shipped in a box, but thankfully there was no damage to them or any of my items.
Socks: These socks are so nice! They have to be the softest, most comfortable socks I own now. They're a good length, comfortable tightness and exactly what I wanted.
Keychain: The keychain is so cute! I attatched it to a necklace chain and it is a nice size.
Tote bag: I like this bag a lot n__n the carousel design is adorable! The straps are definitely not sturdy though. That's okay with me though, I don't really plan on carrying around heaps of things in it, if I wanted to I'd just need to replace the straps.
Over all, my purchase was great. Fast shipping and my items were all safe and exactly what I ordered. Now I just can't wait for my dress from Qutieland to get here!

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